VIOFO HK3 Micro-USB ACC Hardwire Kit


VIOFO HK3 Micro-USB ACC Hardwire Kit

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Product Description

The Viofo HK3 Hardwire kit delivers unparalleled protection for your vehicle, providing continuous power to the camera for parking surveillance. This assists that incidents, including collisions, are captured even when the car is not running. With ACC detection, the dashcam seamlessly transitions between parking mode and regular recording based on the vehicle's status.

Moreover, you can choose from four voltage cut-off options to prevent the dashcam from draining the battery, guaranteeing that your vehicle's battery remains charged. The Viofo HK3 Hardwire Kit is compatible with both 12/24V systems, making it versatile for use in any type of vehicle.

  • Ensures continuous camera operation in Parking Mode
  • Utilizes ACC detection for smart switching between modes
  • Automatically turns off to protect battery life
  • Suitable for vehicles with 12/24V systems

For optimal installation and performance, it is advised to use a Fuse Tap Kit if fitting yourself, or opt to have it Professionally Installed to ensure the best integration with your vehicle's system.

    • Maximum output: 5v - 2A
    • Input: 12v - 24v